YaST is Open

YaST is an open source project, the source code is covered by open source licenses (usually GPL or LGPL).

But the license is just a small part of a real open source project. What can actually YaST offer to the community? Here is the summary:

  • The YaST portal at openSUSE Wiki - the perfect starting point for users, with lots of information and documentation.

  • The YaST home page - the starting point for YaST developers and contributors.

  • Open development - the source code repositories are hosted at GitHub, everybody can see our work, everybody can fork a repository and contribute back.

  • Open environment - the YaST development requires only open and free software. We build YaST using free libraries, tools and frameworks. We converted the YaST code from our specific YCP programming language to Ruby which is a widely used general scripting language with a large set of tools around.

  • Open communication - we have a public mailing list (yast-devel(at)opensuse.org, with on-line archive), we use a public IRC channel (#yast at irc.libera.chat).

  • The developer's documentation and a tutorial describing step-by-step how to create a new YaST module from scratch for easy start with YaST development.

  • Open bug tracking for reporting errors and suggesting improvements.

  • Public Continuous Integration service (a Jenkins instance) for testing the latest code.

  • The latest bleeding edge YaST RPM packages built from Git sources are available in YaST:Head OBS project for testing, experimenting and reporting bugs.