Building this Documentation Locally

This documentation is also built at server.

The problem is that Markdown rendering is not standardized and each renderer can produce a slightly different output. That means the HTML version might be displayed differently at than at GitHub.

If you write a longer documentation it would be nice to see the result locally, without need to push to GitHub and then fixing the result.


You need to install mkdocs tool which is used for building the HTML documentation at Run as root:

zypper in python-pip python-PyYAML python-devel
# mkdocs is not packaged, use pip to install it
pip install mkdocs

Building the Documentation

Manual Build

For single run you can use these commands:

# (re)generate the documentation
mkdocs build --clean
# open the local generated file
xdg-open site/README/index.html

Local Documentation Server

If you work on the documentation and you want to see the current rendered version then it is a good idea to run the documentation server. The advantage is that the server watches the documentation changes and regenerates it automatically whenever a file is modified. You just need to reload the file in the browser.

# run the server
mkdocs serve --clean
# open this local URL


You can find more details directly at the documentation.