The UI Inspector

Since libyui-3.2.7 the UI includes a simple dialog editor. (The older versions contain only the inspector with read-only access, without the editing abilities.)

You can invoke it in a running YaST module by Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Y key combination in the graphical (Qt) UI. You will see a pop up dialog with the current widget tree, something like this:

You can select a widget in the tree and the respective widget will be highlighted in the YaST dialog.

Modifying a Widget

  • Select the widget in the widget tree
  • Display the properties, click the Properties >>> button
  • Double click the property
  • Set the new value in the pop up dialog

This way you can change the displayed label, enabled/disabled status and some layout properties.

Note: Some properties are read-only and cannot be changed, more over only simple data values can be modified, the structured data (displayed as ???) cannot be changed.

Removing a Widget

  • Select the widget in the widget tree
  • Press Delete button

Note: If a container widget is removed all its child widgets are removed too!

Moving a Widget

  • Select the widget in the widget tree
  • Press Up/Down or Left/Right buttons to move it to the requested place.
  • If you need to move the widget further you need to select it in the widget tree again (this should be fixed in the future)

Note: Moving widgets between containers is not possible, widgets can be moved only inside their (direct) parent container. If you need to move it elsewhere you have to delete it and create a new widget at the requested container.

Adding a New Widget

  • Select the parent container widget which will contain the new added widget (usually a HBox/VBox)
  • Press Add button, in the menu select the requested widget type
  • Edit the widget label in the displayed pop up (only for visible widgets)
  • Some widgets ask for more data (e.g. the table header)
  • The new widget is added at the end of the container, if you need to place it before some widgets use the Up/Down or Left/Right buttons to move it to the correct place.

The Limitations

  • The UI inspector works only in the graphical (Qt) UI, the text mode is not supported.
  • The changes in UI are not permanent, the changed dialog cannot be exported or dumped to a file. After closing the dialog all changes are lost.
  • Currently you can only make a screenshot or dump the widget tree to the y2log (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T). But this still can help designers to easily propose changes in the UI and allows quick prototyping.
  • Widgets can be moved only inside their (direct) parent container.
  • Some special widgets (e.g. TimezoneSelector) cannot be added yet, but all basic widgets work.
  • Removing Wizard buttons (Next, Back, Help,...) does not work properly and should not be used (should be disabled in the future).


Here is a short demo which shows some editing possibilities in the YaST Journal module.


  • Export the displayed dialog to a file so the user changes are not lost (this is probably the most important missing feature)
  • Support adding more widgets
  • Better handle some corner cases (removing Wizard buttons, removing whole dialog,...)
  • Keep the selection after moving the widget
  • Text mode support (a bit tricky, the inspector dialog will cover the displayed dialog, find a solution to this)
  • Allow creating a new dialog from scratch